How to Configure Amazon Pay Plugin

Amazon Pay is a fast, easy way to accept payments or shop online. NopDeveloper Amazon Pay plugin lets you easily integrate Amazon Pay with your nopCommerce Store.

This article will help to configure the plugin.

If you already purchase the plugin:

    1. Download and install your Check Order Status Plugin for nopCommerce. See How to install a new plugin for nopCommerce

    2. After you finished the plugin installation. Click on the Configure button, available under the installed plugin description.

    3. If you store is already deployed, you might need to activate the plugin.

      To activate your plugin:

      If you have more than one store: Select your store at multi-store configuration dropdown. Plugin activation is unique per store.

      Enter your product key and click on Activate.

      amazon pay plugin extention for nopcommerce

      If you need help finding your plugin activation key: How do I find my plugin license key?

    4. Once you plugin is activated, you can go ahead and configure it.

      Use Sandbox checkbox  indicates whether Amazon Pay is operating in Production or Sandbox mode. Set the Test Mode by checking the UseSandBox checkbox if you intend to test first in Sandbox mode, or unchecked it if you would like to launch in Production mode.

      Adjust the remaining configuration options for the module in Miva to suit your business needs:

      1. Currency: The default is U.S. dollars.

      Get credentials from your Amazon Pay account. You can find these values on Seller Central under Integration > MWS Access Key.

      1. Copy your Seller ID to the  field.
      2. Copy your Access Key ID to the Amazon Application Access Key field.
        If you do not see your Access Key ID, you may need to create it. Follow the prompts on the page in Seller Central.
      3. Copy your Client secret to the Amazon Secret Key field.
      4. Copy Client ID to Amazon Application Client Id field.
      5. Allowed Return Url and 

        Amazon Pay App Configuration

    5. Enable Logs: Log on each Amazon API calls for success/failure.  Use Transaction Log View to see the log.

amazon pay plugin for nopcommerce configuration


Amazon Pay plugin allows you to restrict some of your products from using this payment method to pay for them. There are some product categories not supported by Amazon Pay like: 

  • Crowdfunding
  • Transactions for adult products

See Amazon Pay Acceptable Use Policy. for more information.

Amazon Pay Plugin might need to be enable as payment method on your nopcommerce store.  From the sidebar menu, click Configuration > Payment methods. Click on Edit, make Is Active field true and click on Update.

Amazon Pay Plugin - nopCommerce Payment method

Amazon Pay button on shopping cart page:

Amazon Pay Plugin for nopCommerce on Shopping Cart