Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and How I will be able to to get the purchase product?

    Upon successful payment, you will be able to download the product from your My Downloads section.

  • Is my license valid for local development or test servers?

    Yes, both Trial and Purchased licenses are valid for local servers.

  • How long is a trial license valid for?

    All trial licenses are valid for 30 days since their license activation date. Please note that the trial license applies only to nopdeveloper's plugins.

  • When my plugin license expiries?

    Purchase plugin license never expiries. You can continue using the downloaded product indefinitely for any nopCommerce supported version by the plugin at the time of purchase. Plugin's update for new nopCommerce versions will requires a new license.

  • How can purchase your product if I have not purchase my store's domain yet?

    If you still don't know the Url for nopCommerce website, please a temporary Url (like You can later contact us with your purchased domain name and we will made the correction in our system. This will ensure that your license is valid for your domain.