How Configure AudioEye Web Accessibility PLugin

This article will help to configure AudioEye Web Accessibility Plugin for NopCommerce. It is really simple.

If you already purchase the plugin:

  1. Download and install your AudioEye plugin for nopcommerce. See How to install a new plugin for nopCommerce

  2. After you finished the plugin installation. Click on the Configure button, available under the installed plugin description.

    NopDeveloper AudioEye Web Accessibility Pugin for nopCommerce

  3. On the AudioEye plugin configure page: click on enable checkbox, paste your AudioEye Web Accessibility Code for your site on the installation script textbox and click on save. If you don't have an AudioEye account see How create an AudioEye account.

    make your nopcommerce website ADA compliant -audioeye

  4. Now your nopCommerce website has the tool to make all your digital content accessible for the benefit of people with disabilitiesis. ADA compliant.

    AudioEye Web Accessibility plugin for NopCommerce