How configure Check Order Status Plugin

This plugin allows guest and registered customer check their order status without authentication at your nopCommerce store. They just provide order number and the e-mail address used to place the order.

This article will help to configure the plugin.

If you already purchase the plugin:

  1. Download and install your Check Order Status Plugin for nopCommerce. See How to install a new plugin for nopCommerce

  2. After you finished the plugin installation. Click on the Configure button, available under the installed plugin description.

  3. If you store is already deployed, you might need to activate the plugin.

    To activate your plugin:

    If you have more than one store: Select your store at multi-store configuration dropdown. Plugin activation is unique per store.

    Enter your product key and click on Activate.

    Activate Check Order Status Plugin for NopCommerce

    How do I find my plugin license key?

  4. On the Check Order Status Plugin configuration page: click on enable checkbox to enable the plugin,  fulfill the plublic and SEO information and check where you want the Check order status link appear on you public store. 
    • Enable the plugin
    • Customer instructions, notes and SEO information are pre-fulfill  with some default information, but feel free to edit.
    • Include a check order status link on Footer Column 1, Footer Column 2 or Footer Column 2
    • You might include a check order status link on the top menu.
    • Set the display order of the check order status link on the footer column
    • If you want to monitor customer who check their order status, enable logging
    • Save plugin configuration

    Check Order Status for nopCommerce

  5. According to the above configuration: a link will be displayed on the footer column 3 of your nopCommerce store.

    Check Order Status Extension for nopCommerce

  6. And Captcha will be enabled at Check Order Status page.

    Check Order Status Plugin for NopCommerce Captcha enabled