How to Configure Product Questions & Answers Plugin

Product Questions & Answers Plugin provides a simple and efficient solution to help your customers by adding a slick question & answer panel to your product pages. 

This article will help to configure the plugin.

If you already purchase the plugin:

    1. Download and install your Check Order Status Plugin for nopCommerce. See How to install a new plugin for nopCommerce

    2. After you finished the plugin installation. Click on the Configure button, available under the installed plugin description.

    3. If you store is already deployed, you might need to activate the plugin.

      To activate your plugin:

      If you have more than one store: Select your store at multi-store configuration dropdown. Plugin activation is unique per store.

      Enter your product key and click on Activate.

      amazon pay plugin extention for nopcommerce

      If you need help finding your plugin activation key: How do I find my plugin license key?

    4. Once you plugin is activated, you can go ahead and configure it.

      Product questions & answers settings have been organized in three different sections:

        • Question settings
        • Answer settings
        • Vote settings

      Questions settings for Product Questions and Answers Plugin

      Enabled: Enables or disable product questions and answers plugin. If enabled question and answers will be displayed on product page according to question and answers approval settings

      Questions must be approved: If checked: questions must be approved to be displayed on the product page. If not, all questions will be published inmediatelly

      Sent admin new question notification: Sent new question notification email to store owner. 

      Display captcha: If checked: enable chaptcha on new product questions and new product question answer page

      Page size: Product querstion and answers plugin has pagination feature. Set page size.

      Answer settings for Product question plugin for nopcommerce

      Answer questions enabled: If checked: Allow register customers answer product questions.

      Allow guest customers answer querstions: If checked: Allow not registered customers to answer questions.

      Answers must be approved: If checked answers must be approved to be displayed on public store.

      Send andmin new answer notification: If checked admin will received a new answer notification email.

      Notify new answer posted: If checked, customer who post the question will receive email notification every time a new answer for this question is received and approved.

      Show answer per store: If checked answers will be displayed on the product page only on the store where it was posted.

When the plugin is installed, Its creates four default message templates use to notify admin and customers when new questions and answers are posted. To access message templates, go to Content management → Message templates.

  • ProductQuestions.StoreOwnerNewQuestionNotification
  • ProductQuestions.CustomerNewQuestionNotification
  • ProductQuestions.StoreOwnerNewAnswerNotification
  • ProductQuestions.CustomerNewAnswerNotification

The user who made the inquires will receive an email with a copy of the question posted for his/her records.