License Model


We believe in a simple, transparent and flexible licensing and pricing model that is aligned with the business value delivers to you. We offer a domain-based for NopDeveloper plugins, themes and extensions that are available on perpetual or trial bases. A product license applies to a specific suported version nopcommerce. It does not normally include subsequent software update or enhancements. All licenses include free technical  support.

Domain-Based License

The nopdeveloper domain-based license is per production domain name and allows for unlimited subdomains and production servers.

A production domain is a domain name used to access a website in a production environment, which is a setting where your nopcommerce store is put into actual operation for its intended purpose or accessed by its intended end users. For example, a production domain can be a root domain such as or a sub-domain of the root such as

A license for the localhost domain is included in every trial or perpetual license. localhost domain license does not require activation and never experies.

Free Non-Production Domains

Every license for a given production domain comes with unlimited number of free sub-domains for accessing websites used for non-production purpose such as development, testing, or staging. 

Trial base license

Allows running the licensed plugin, theme or extenstion for 30 days in a production domain. The trial period (counter) starts only when the licensed software is used for the first time (activated). During the evaluation period, NopDeveleoper grants to Company a non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable right to use the plugin, theme or extention solely for the purpose of internally evaluating the suitability of the product.

Perpetual License

Perpetual licenses never expire; the user can use it indefinitely in any nopCommerce supported version by the plugin at the time you purchased it. A plugin upgrade for a new version of nopCommerce will require a new license.